Rapid Primal Fitness REVIEW (Update June 2024)

rapid primal fitness review
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Rapid Primal Fitness REVIEW

With a rise to fame thanks to their skills with parkour, the Tapp Brothers have become well known among online calisthenics communities for their easy to follow videos on Youtube.  They have a reputation for being great at what they do, but their calmer natures and less in-your-face approach have been helpful to those who are newer to calisthenics and exercise in general.  Most recently they have upgraded Rapid Primal Fitness, which covers a wide breadth of health and fitness objectives.  It is a solid program for beginners of all ages, and if you aren’t new to calisthenics you will still learn some cool new techniques.  It’s all in the name – Rapid Primal Fitness.  The Tapp Brothers aim for this program to teach you unusual “primal” movements that remind you of Tarzan crawling through the jungle.  It is unique and not for everyone, but you can’t deny that some of these skills are very impressive once you’re able to pull them off.

RPF is a solid program that is reasonably priced, and I would recommend it to anybody who lacks the structure of a bodyweight training routine and wants quick, regulated, “outside the box” workouts spoon-fed to them.


ProgramRapid Primal Fitness

rapid primal fitness review
The Tapp Bros.

Creator: The Tapp Brothers

Length: Varies

Required Equipment:  None really…

Suggested Equipment: Pull-Up Bar, Dip/Parallel Bars or Parrallettes, Yoga Mat

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Rapid Primal Fitness Review:

Rapid Primal Fitness, or RPF, is a bodyweight fitness program that is unlocked upon a purchase of a membership from the Tapp Brothers’ website.  Beginners will benefit from the “bonus” Primal Movement program, as well – you don’t have to have it (and may not need it) but it’s free, so why not?  The membership is $97, but keep in mind it goes on sale a lot.  Once you pay, your login information opens up a huge array of workout sessions, nutrition guides, schedules, and other helpful routines to better yourself, such as meditation and flexibility training.  It is daunting at first, but baby steps are important.

The daunting nature of RPF is alleviated a lot because of the 60-day money-back guarantee.  I definitely recommend you keep this in the back of your mind when you make the purchase.  Your goal with RPF or any similar new program is to create a routine and develop healthy habits.  RPB makes this very clear from the get-go.  I also have to say this program (and its generous refund policy) is good for beginners because the workouts can be as short as 15 minutes, which is not intrusive at all.  I know $97 seems expensive, but there is a lot of content.



  • Organized Workout Schedule.  One of the main reasons beginners love RPF is because it is so organized with your training regimen.
  • Tons of Content.  It is impossible to describe everything RPF offers in one review, but rest assured it includes a LOT – extremely basic beginner training, advanced moves, equipment-free workouts, nutrition advice, meditations, motivations, strength, cardio, flexibility, martial arts, and other stuff I can’t remember.
  • Simple Interface.  The Tapp Brothers have a clean website and mobile app that is easy to navigate and find what you need in seconds.
  • Results!  Some of these moves are unusual and will feel extremely foreign at first.  Your body isn’t used to performing them yet.  However, if you stick with the program you will get better at them and eventually they will even feel more natural to you.
  • Equipment Is Not Required.  The RPF program finds unique ways to do many bodyweight exercises without any actual equipment – unusual “hacks” to do pushups, dips and even pull ups without bars.  The entire program is possible at home (or *cough* while at work).

    rapid primal fitness review
    Check out their Youtube to understand the Tapp Brothers’ methods.
  • Short Sessions. This is really big for many of us, because we have busy schedules and don’t have enough time for full-on workouts that last over an hour.  A standard RPF can last just short of 30 minutes, but of course the amount of time you devote to a workout is up to you.
  • Follow-Along Demonstrations. Although their Youtube channel has plenty of follow-along content, you get everything you need once you’re actually a member.  You will know how to perform moves with proper form and timing with these demonstrations.
  • Extremely Unique Skills Will Be Learned.  Sure, you will learn how to progress to a handstand, but there are some very unusual calisthenic moves you’ll learn in addition to the more standard one.  The “primal” movements are worked up to with progressions.  You can definitely sense the parkour origins of the Tapp Brothers’ methods.
  • A Fair Price & Refund Policy.  It’s just shy of $100 for a lot of content.  For the committed beginner, you will definitely get your money’s worth.  If you aren’t satisfied or haven’t been using it within two months then you can get a refund, too.
  • Age and Gender Friendly.  It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your gender is, there is a good starting point for everybody and the results will happen if you put in the work.




  • Lots of This Is Already Online, Free of Charge.  Sure, you’d have to do a lot of digging to cover everything, but you will eventually be able to find all of this stuff on Youtube or other fitness websites.
  • The Weird Movements Aren’t for Everyone.  The crawling, animal-like movements are admittedly a little odd looking at first.  Their benefits are great, but I understand if people prefer the more standard programs like Bar Brothers or Onlykinds.
  • Online Presence Fluctuates. The Tapp Brothers are very off-and-on with their social media presence. Regularly posting videos or just reminding members that they are still active would go a long way in motivating them to continue with RPF, along with bringing on newcomers.




A great program for beginners that should last beyond its advertised 30 days, Rapid Primal Fitness is a solid investment that gives you short bursts of effective and unique workouts that can be done without any equipment whatsoever.  RPF is a massive and effective program worth the investment.

I hope my Rapid Primal Fitness review has been helpful as you consider the many options out there for calisthenics programs.  Are you already a member of Rapid Primal Fitness?  What has your experience been with it?  Let me know in the comments below.  While you’re here, be sure to check out my reviews for other great calisthenic programs, like Alpha Home Workout, Calisthenics Academy, and Ripped With Bodyweight!  And remember to stretch!

OVERALL:  4.5 out of 5

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14 thoughts on “Rapid Primal Fitness REVIEW (Update June 2024)

  1. Hi, thank you for sharing this review. I’ve never heard about the Tapp Brothers in this industry, and to be honest, I’m long enough in this one. Reading throughout your article/review, I went into youtube to see the TappBrothers and I do realise that I’ve seen one of them in an advert regarding the posture of the body( in plank pose). But you know when I click to see their own website it said not secure on my side. Coming back to the review, I find it really well explained and described for everyone understanding. with pros and cons, it is everything as you’ve mentioned, a beginner should have.

    Overall, good review informative and honest review. In my experience, I can say I had brought and follow Gilad Production which is worth all the money. I have no further questions for you, thank you.

    1. Hey Angel,
      Good to know about their website showing up as not secure. Thanks for the kind words on the review. I hope it is helpful.

      Can’t say I have heard of Gilad. I found “Fit With Gilad” which looks worth exploring! Thanks for telling me about it!

  2. Hello. Your program looks very good and. Complete. It’s the first time I see such a complete varieties of training and fitness program online with schedules and nutrition guide. Nice going.

    1. Hi Claudia,
      Glad you are interested in RPF. Just a note that this is not MY program, it was developed by the Tapp Brothers. Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi Max,

    Thank you for this in-depth review. I’ve never heard of this program before, and I am into fitness since 2014. I do my training at my club near my house, so I never use video training. But my daughter has decided that she want to start to do some fitness at home. So the Rapid Primal Fitness will be the perfect solution for her. Well, I hope so:) I took a look at their website, and In my opinion, it’s not cheap, but if it’s worth it, I am willing to pay the price.

    Thank you for this excellent article!

    1. Hey Daniella,

      That’s awesome!  Rapid Primal Fitness is good for beginner workouts at home and it steadily gets harder.  It’s nice that it would be on your daughter’s schedule so she wouldn’t have to stick with a rigid plan.  It is a bit expensive but if she sticks with it then it will eventually pay for itself.  That’s the key–sticking with it!

  4. I have tried different fitness programs before but I have never heard of Rapid Primal Fitness. The thing that’s a big yes for me in this program is that it provides meditation. I haven’t joined any program that includes meditation. I believe that meditation is really good for the overall wellness of a person. So as someone who is into health and fitness stuff, I would consider this program. Thanks for your review!

    1. Hi Jeelah,

      Yep, one of the cool things about RPF is that it is designed to improve you both physically and mentally.  I can’t think of any fitness program offhand that includes meditation, either, now that you mention it.  RPF is very well-rounded in that way.  Thanks for reading!

  5. I must say that this is the first time that I have heard of the Tapp Brothers. I Googled them and they do have impressive bodies, which they obviously need in order to promote their programs.

    I love online programs, as I don’t always have time to go to the gym and I currently belong to two different app-type programs that I alternate with. I wonder if the Tapp brothers will bring anything new to the table as I am starting to get bored. You say they have some unique exercises, so will take a closer look and see what they have to offer.

    1. Hi Michel,

      Yep, they definitely have some unusual movements – it’s kind of in the name, “Primal.”  Their background is in parkour, so they blend some of that with more standard bodyweight fitness.  It’s easy to get bored with programs, so if you find one that is always changing and keep things interesting, that’s a big win!  RPF does a pretty good job with this.

  6. Thank you for very interesting article. With spending so much time on homeworking now I was looking for good online training program to stay fit. I already tested few of them, but to be fair I wasn’t fully satisfied with results. But looking on your review, rapid primal fitness seems exactly what Im looking for. Its not cheap, but there are tons of materials there and no need for training equipment is great benefit. Looking forward to test it in practice.

    1. Hi Cogito,

      Yes, RPF is great for busy people, and it’s especially nice for people who work from home.  I think it is a good way to break up the work day – if you are sitting at a desk for an hour, then take a break and do some RPF.  Thanks for reading.

  7. Thank you for the review of rapid primal fitness! It has a lot of pros and cons. Plus it seems the cons can be easily fixed. What I like about the fitness program, you do not need any equipment. Equipment is expensive and with the pandemic time period people tend to stay home more than go to gyms. The one problem is the price of the program. It is quite pricey, however I like the money refund time period. I would consider this fitness program for myself as soon I am all in.

    1. Hi Bernard,

      Yep, I agree that one of the best things about Rapid Primal Fitness is that you don’t need any equipment.  Over the years I’ve amassed a ton of equipment, and now I barely use any of it! It’s a little expensive but you really do get your money’s worth if you are committed to it.

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