Alpha Home Workout System Review

alpha home workout system review
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rapid primal fitness review

Alpha Home Workout System Review

The Alpha Home Workout System is an intense bodyweight-only fitness program designed to build muscle, increase stamina, and promote male health.  I hope my Alpha Home Workout System review helps you make your choice on whether or not it is the right program for you.

alpha home workout system review
Todd Lamb, Creator


ProgramAlpha Home Workout System

Creator: Todd Lamb & Dr. Tyler Goodale

Length: Designed for a full year, but meant for life

Required Equipment:  Pull-Up Bar is recommended

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Alpha Home Workout System Review – A Brief Overview

The Alpha Home Workout System was created by Todd Lamb, a former SWAT leader, and Dr. Tyler Goodale, a special forces training expert.  It consists of short, intense workouts that rely on your bodyweight to build muscle quickly.  In addition, signing up for this program will allows you to understand why you can eat/drink whatever you want as long as you stick with the Alpha Home Workout System, how hormones play a huge role in men’s health, how to prepare for the workouts themselves, and what to do once the workout is complete.


Alpha Home Workout System Review – More Details

Once you’ve paid, you get access to the Alpha Home Workout System, which is 100% digital and online.  The program consists of tutorials and guidance on their 7-Day Training Cycle.  Although that alone make the low price worth it, you get several bonuses as well.  These bonuses include a diet program centered around testosterone production, a guidebook for men’s mental health, and a trial period of the online-coaching platform called Alpha Nation.

How much you take advantage of the bonuses depends on your preferences, but if you truly are invested in sculpting that “alpha male” physique, you should probably take the time to at least check everything that the Alpha Home Workout System puts at your disposal.  You will definitely get your money’s worth if you’re willing and able to put in the effort.

Admittedly, I was skeptical of this program at first.  The promotional material seemed to have a lot of gloating and everything seemed way too “macho” for my taste.  But after giving it a fair shot, I can tell you that this program is the real deal.  And that’s why this Alpha Home Workout System review exists.  The program is not easy, and it isn’t exactly geared towards certain calisthenics training regimens that I am used to, but the results will speak for themselves.


Check out the pros and cons below to learn more!

rapid primal fitness review


  • Inexpensive.  The Alpha Home Workout System is only $37, which is a steal considering the product you’re getting.  This program is designed to change your habits, and in turn, your lifestyle.  If you stick with it then the money you spent on it will be forgotten before long.
  • Great for building muscle.  How many men work out for this reason alone?  Your muscles will grow based on the uber-science of the program, which was developed by a doctor who has devoted his life to this kind of stuff and spends his time training special forces in the military.  The fancy term for this is myofibrillar hypertrophy. 
  • You will become stronger.  Muscle growth is one thing, but how many guys do you see out there with big muscles but no strength?  This program is designed to truly make you stronger, and if you stick with it, then it will.
  • Simple design.  The Alpha Home Workout System’s greatest asset is its simple 7-Day Workout Cycle.  There are no guessing games with what you’re going to do next.  It’s all laid out for you on the website in a simple, repetitious layout.
  • Video tutorials.  The workouts are mostly very simple anyway, but if you aren’t sure about certain exercises then you have access to the videos that demonstrate them.
  • Short workouts, you still have your day.  Most workouts will take 20-30 minutes, which means you don’t have to worry about losing too much of your day because of your workouts.  But these short workouts are INTENSE – just keep that in mind!  I also should mention that the program advises you to take part in certain practices BEFORE and AFTER the workouts, so technically speaking an entire workout regimen will take more than 30 minutes.
  • Designed for life.  It is important to know that, unlike many fitness programs, the Alpha Home Workout System is meant to be used for the rest of your life.  It wants to become a habit, a daily routine, and that says a lot.  If you want something shorter or more temporary, this isn’t the program for you.
  • Lots of bonuses.  The bonuses are nice, and although I ended up forgetting about two of them, the
    alpha home workout system review
    The Testosterone Solution is more helpful than you’d expect

    Testosterone Solution guide was actually very informative, and I personally believe it makes a huge difference in getting the results.

  • No equipment “needed.”  A pullup bar is strongly recommended, but the program still is completely doable without it.
  • Suitable for all ages and skill levels.  No matter what level you begin the program at, you will be able to get into the swing of things very quickly.
  • Great for anyone with past injuries.  Obviously, you should talk to your doctor before starting the program.  But, for those with injuries or surgeries in the past, this program is still great and will not negatively affect those areas in any way.




  • Online & digital only.  Unfortunately, a printed version of this program (and its bonuses) is unavailable.  I would have loved a paper version.
  • Designed specifically for men.  In case you haven’t figured this out yet, the Alpha Home Workout System doesn’t exactly cater to women.  I’m sure women could use it just as easily as men, but it’s not really meant for women.
  • No advanced calisthenic skills.  This program is strictly about building strength and muscle, so you won’t be learning front lever progressions or backflips.
  • Less focus on stretching & flexibility.  I would have liked to see more stretching exercises in this program, but it’s not a big deal since I stretch on my own anyway.


Alpha Home Workout System Review – OVERALL

I was skeptical at first, I’ll admit.  But for those of you who love calisthenics and are more interested in strength and muscle growth than the fancy skills, then the Alpha Home Workout System is perfect for you.  I hope that my Alpha Home Workout System review was helpful for you.  It surprised me in the best way possible, and I hope it surprises you in the same way!


Alpha Home Workout System Review – My Score:  4.5 out of 5


Do you use the Alpha Home Workout System?  How has your journey with it been going?  Let me know in the comments!  And for other great calisthenic workout programs, check out the Bar Brothers and Onlykinds Fitness!

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rapid primal fitness review



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