Theraband Resistance Bands – REVIEW

theraband resistance bands
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Theraband Resistance Bands – CLX Review


Theraband resistance bands are among the most popular on the web, thanks to the high quality of their latex-free material and the variety of options when choosing which type of band to buy.  The CLX version of the bands are building momentum for a number of reasons.  Rather than reviewing all of these bands individually, it makes more sense for me to review them all together.  I chose to do it this way because they are all identical aside from their colors and resistance levels.  Really, wittheraband resistance bandsh such a simple type of exercise equipment, you can only write so much anyway.  So keep reading my Theraband resistance bands review to learn more about why they are great for all fitness levels.


What Are Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are elongated rubber bands that can be stretched to extreme lengths to add resistance to your workouts. They are used for many purposes, including:

  • Strength training
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Physical therapy
  • Adding resistance to cardio
  • Variations in calisthenic workouts
  • Stretching
  • Yoga
  • Variations in pilates workouts

Resistance bands are lightweight and do not take up much room. Some of them are looped, and some are not. Furthermore, many of them come with handles to improve grip. A lot of the time a resistance band purchase comes with a door anchor included, which opens up more possibilities for workouts.  The Theraband resistance bands I am reviewing here are a special kind: CLX, which means the entire band has loops all along it.


Different Types of Resistance Bands

Your type of resistance band workout will often be dependent on the type of resistance band you are using. For example, a resistance band with handles is not looped, but you will be able to have a firmer grip on it. With a firm grip, you can perform upper body movements like flies, rows, curls, shoulder presses, and deadlifts (just to name a few). For lower body workouts, resistance bands are great for squats, lunges, and leg presses.


If you have a looped resistance band, or an unlooped band without handles, you open up new possibilities. Generally speaking, you have a wider range of exercises available. Resistance bands without handles are great for beginners especially, because they can be gripped with bars and then in turn will assist you on challenging bodyweight exercises. For example, you can do assisted pull-ups and chin-ups by looping the band under your foot, and then gripping over its ends with the pullup bar. This will take away some of the bodyweight during your pull-up, and you can therefore complete the entire move with less weight. You can also use them to add more challenge to moves like the pushup, and most of the moves mentioned above with the handled resistance bands.


What Makes Resistance Bands So Special?

So many reasons! Like I mentioned, bands are great for assisting beginners with challenging bodyweight workouts, or adding more resistance to those same workouts for more advanced levels. But there are many other benefits to using resistance bands:

  • They are great for helping you stretch muscles that are often ignored.
  • They are usually very inexpensive.
  • They fit easily into a suitcase or backpack, so they are great for traveling – no excuses for not working out while you’re on the road!
  • They provide the same results and level of challenge as free weights and machines, just in different ways.
  • They are so flexible that you can use them in almost any type of bodyweight workout to add in new variations.


Theraband Resistance Bands: CLX Features

  • Multiple loops within the band.  To allow extra range and resistance levels.  They are also made this way to allow you to use the loops as handles and anchors.
  • Color-coded.  To identify the different resistance levels.
  • Latex-free.
  • 5-feet long.  Pre-cut for an individual band.


Theraband Resistance Bands: Prices & Resistance Levels for CLX

The Theraband resistance bands’ prices vary based on color which are coded based on their resistance levels.  The short list below shows them all.



  • The loops are great!  The unique feature of these Theraband resistance bands is that they have the “CLX” aspect to them, which means they have consecutive loops throughout the entire length.  Use the loops as handles and anchors, and to adjust the resistance and range of motion for all your exercises.  The loops make many different exercises much simpler to perform, without hassle.
  • Can be used for all muscle groups.  Theraband’s resistance bands are most obviously great for your upper body, but your lower body and core will benefit from them as well.  Check out my resistance band workouts to learn more about the creative ways to use this amazing type of equipment.
  • Lightweight, travel-friendly.  You can shove these things into your backpack and still leave room for your laptop, Nintendo Switch, travel atlas, copy of Moby Dick, and a pair of flip-flops!
  • Four levels of resistance.  You can’t go wrong by buying all four of these bands, really.  Different muscles’ exercises will require different levels of resistance.  Heavier resistances are great for pushing exercises for your upper-body, and most types of lower body workouts.  Lower resistances are great for pulling or in areas that you are less experienced.theraband resistance bands
  • Inexpensive.  You can get all four of these bands for under $80, so considering the quality and the CLX looping feature, it’s an amazing deal.
  • High quality.  Not only is the latex-free material great for anyone with such an allergy, the bands are really tough and should last a long time.  They are able to resist a lot of tension, much more so than the less expensive bands out there.



  • Loops are great, but not necessary.  To be honest, I love the CLX feature of these bands.  But I have to be fair and say that you can get by with standard, flat bands without the CLX loops added in.  It will just take a little bit more maneuvering to get them positioned how you want for your various exercises.  The CLX aspect makes these slightly more expensive than standard bands.


Theraband Resistance Bands: Overall

If you are interested in the Theraband resistance bands at all, then you can’t go wrong with this purchase.  I also will say it again: you might as well just get all four of them, if you can afford them.  It doesn’t make sense to own one band that doesn’t meet the resistance requirements of your different exercises.  And once you have them in your possession, remember to stretch with them!


My Score:  4.5 out of 5


<<Buy the Yellow Bands (Light Resistance): $15.95>>

<<Buy the Red Bands (Medium Resistance): $16.95>>

<<Buy the Green Bands (Heavy Resistance): $17.95>>

<<Buy the Blue Bands (Very Heavy Resistance): $19.95>>


Do you have a Thereband resistance band?  Let me know how you like it in the comments below!



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