Hand X Band – REVIEW

hand x band review
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With this ongoing wrist injury not letting up, I had a few sessions with an occupational therapist.  Despite all the hanging calisthenic exercises I do, she actually told me that my grip was weak!  What the… After all my hard work?!  Enter the Hand X Band.  This item is a bit unusual, but I have been using it hand x band reviewdaily.  Unlike regular grip strengthening products, which focus on adductors (for squeezing), the Hand X Band focuses on abductors, which are used for opening your palms and fingers.  It is incredibly easy to create an imbalance between the two, so that’s where the Hand X Band comes in.


Hand X Band – Features

Product Type: Extending Grip Strengthener

Resistance Types:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Pro-Strength

Color-Coded: Based on the resistance level

Prices:  $9.99 for each band.  You can also buy Intermediate, Advanced & Pro-Strength together for $24.99

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Why the Hand X Band Is Helpful

  • Injury Recovery.  Everything from strains, sprains, pulled muscles, or tennis elbow, using the Hand X Band can help speed up your rehabilitation so you can get back to your exercises much sooner than you would otherwise be able to.  In my case, with my wrist strain, I have noticed the pain going away when I use my Hand X Band.  The periods of having no pain have been getting longer and longer, which is a good sign.
  • Injury Prevention.  How many times do I need to mention that protecting your wrists is of the utmost importance?  And now I can tell you from firsthand experience how much wrist injuries mess EVERYTHING up.  I do wonder if my injury never would have happened if I’d known about the Hand X Band before.  Using the Hand X Band gives your wrists, hands and forearms that extensor strength that has been most likely been ignored for all these years.  With stronger extensors comes higher resistance to accidental injuries.
  • Improves Grip Strength.  My website is entirely based around calisthenic exercises, and for me, the first calisthenic move I think of is always the pull up.  Hanging exercises aren’t just based on the strength of your big upper body muscles, like the back, arms and shoulders.  They also depending on the smaller areas, like your wrists, fingers, and forearms – all of which need to be strong for improved grip strength.  If you continue to use the Hand X Band, your grip will improve, and in turn your pull ups (and other hanging and pulling exercises) will as well.
  • Helps with Long-Term Conditions.  Carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, tendonitis, all the arthritic conditions from A to Z… The Hand X Bands will help relieve the painful symptoms that come with these.
  • Helpful for People Who Do Repetitive Motions.  For work or otherwise, many of us sit at desks, type, write, text, drive, or do other minute hand motions for long, continuous periods of time.  This item is so helpful for relieving the stress that comes with those motions.
  • Brings Balance to Grip Strength.  Most of the exercises we do, bodyweight or otherwise, involve us squeezing our hands in some form or another.  Holding weights, hanging from a bar, pushing or pulling, the way we exercise our hands is through a closing motion, rather than an opening motion.  Thus, there is an imbalance between the opening muscles and the closing muscles.  The Hand X Band closes this gap, and even affects our nervous system in new ways, improving the way we do our exercises.
  • Helps with Forearm Size & Aesthetics.  Last and least?  Yes.  But it’s always a nice bonus when exercising helps your muscles look bigger.  Using the Hand X Band continuously will do this.



  • Convenient.  Keep one in your pocket, or your car, or at your desk.  Use it whenever you have a free hand.  The fact that you can just slide this over your fingers while hanging out and doing other tasks is amazing.
  • Compact.  This thing will fit anywhere – just don’t lose it!
  • Inexpensive.  $10 each is a great deal for something that you can use so conveniently.  The price is more than worth it when you start seeing the positive outcomes you’re looking for.
  • Just Read the “Why the Hand X Band Is Helpful” Section.  This thing works!  See the above section if you skipped it earlier and truly are curious.hand x band review



  • Inspired Cheap Knockoffs.  The quality of these knockoffs is lower, but the fact of the matter is that you can get multiple knockoffs for the price of a single Hand X Band.  But really, the original is cheap enough as it is.  If a few extra bucks makes that much of a difference, then I can’t stop you.
  • Website Needs Work.  The website is shoddily put together, and appears disorganized.  There is no information on warranty, refund policies, or even what material the bands are made of (other than being latex-free).  Even the “What Is It” page doesn’t actually explain what the Hand X Band is.


Hand X Band – OVERALL

I have already started seeing results with my Hand X Band, and I only started using mine after I got injured.  Don’t do it like I did!  Start using yours NOW, BEFORE you get injured, or BEFORE you develop conditions like tendonitis or carpal tunnel.  It will help prevent them while also strengthening your forearms, wrists and hands and improving your workouts more than you would imagine.  And as always, remember to stretch!

My Score: 5 out of 5


Do you have a Hand X Band (or a knockoff)?  How have your results with it been?  Let me know in the comments below!



4 thoughts on “Hand X Band – REVIEW

  1. Thanks for a very interesting and useful article, I’ve been using similar product that squeezes and strengthens the hand and I was surprised how these seemingly simple things really help. This is “must have”  and I’m sure that in the future it will mean a lot to me, considering that I have had problems with my hand for many years.

    1. Hi Ivana,

      Yes, the Hand X Band is kind of the “opposite” of the grip strengtheners you’re talking about.  Both are great ways to get stronger hands, wrists and forearms – also, this company has a squeezing product, too.  But, I have been using the Hand X Band much more now because it has that rare abductor movement that you can’t really find anywhere else. Thanks for reading!

  2. There’s a time I went to the doctor for inflamed finger joints. His diagnosis was that it’s normal as you age which I did not buy since it didn’t feel natural. For weak joints, he’d convince me, but with some pain, I believe there’s more to it. Anyway, I believe he might not have been the best to advise on ligament issues as his trade is purely medical. Maybe if I’d come across such a device earlier, it would have helped. For some reason, the pain disappeared as strangely as it had come.

    1. Steve,

      That’s an interesting situation, and I’m glad to hear you’ve recovered.  We know our bodies better than doctors do – although they can do amazing things for us, they are not always correct.  Even without pain or inflammation, the Hand X Bands are great for improving grip strength. The convenience of them is really nice, too.  Thanks for reading.

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