Power Press Push Up REVIEW

power press push up review
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power press push up review

Now and then I discover a piece of calisthenic equipment that makes me ask: where has this been all my life?  One such item is the Power Press Push Up.  All you have to do is look at that picture to understand the crazy potential this unit has.  It goes beyond push ups.  It can unlock a whole variety of great upper body workouts.  Keep reading my Power Press Push Up review to learn more about why I strongly recommend this product.


Power Press Push Up Features:

  • Non-Angled Oversize Grips.  Grips are large enough for all hand sizes.
  • Color-Coded Slots.  Color codes for you to add variations to different calisthenic exercises and know which muscle groups are worked.
  • “Plug and Press” System.  To lock the grips in place for the different positions.
  • Hard Plastic Design. Heavy-duty plastic material to support the weight of your body.
  • Two-Part Snap System. For storage, the board is two halves that separate.
  • Non-Slip Rubber Feet.  On both the grips and the board to prevent slipping.
  • 10-Week Workout Program.  3-phase calendar to follow a specific program with the board.



  • Reasonably priced.  If you are on a budget, this board is very much worth it at under $100 at most outlets (including their official site).
  • Sturdy board.  Despite being made mostly of plastic, it is very hard plastic.  It would take a lot of effort to break this.
  • Lightweight and compact.  The board and the handles take up very little space.  It is also helpful that you can unsnap the board in half if you want to stack it and free up even a little bit more space.  Its lightweight and compact nature is also great because you can bring it with you on trips
  • Tons of variations beyond regular push ups.  There are 16 slots to fit the grips into, and they all target different muscles of your upper body.  You will especially hit your chest, triceps and shoulders, although the back will get some attention as well.
  • Color-codes are helpful.  There is very little guesswork since you just have to match the colors on the board to target the muscle group you want to hit.power press push up review
  • No sliding or slipping.  The rubber padding on both the board and the grips means you can use this board even on hard floors.  In my opinion, it is best to use it on a mat or on carpet, though.
  • Slots are strong and tight.  One of my concerns with the Power Press Push Up was that the slots would leave a lot of wiggle room when you put the grips in them, but this is not the case.  They are stuck there and won’t budge until you purposely want to take them out.
  • Includes a workout program.  Although I haven’t had much need for it, the workout calendar that is included with the board is great for people who don’t know where to start once the board arrives.  There are also YouTube workouts that you can view for extra guidance and motivation.
  • Great for beginners.  The positioning in the slots and the color-coding are great for people who aren’t familiar with pushup variations and how to target certain muscles.
  • Positioning encourages good form.  The way the slots are arranged on the board requires you to position your pushups in ways that encourage (and to a degree, force) you to have good form.



  • It IS still plastic, though.  Yes, it’s great that this board is so strong and durable.  But I can’t shake the fact that they went the plastic route.  It makes it feel just a teensy bit cheaper than metal, steel or wood.  But anything else would be very heavy, and thus harder to travel with.
  • Grips can only be used on the board.  You can’t use the grips on the floor without the board, unfortunately.  They are designed to be slotted into the board.  That said, you cannot come up with your own pushup positioning, and are forced to adhere to the board’s.
  • Handles are too hard.  I hope they have changed this, but the handles are very hard on your hands.  They lack cushioning, so wearing gloves or putting cloths on them is the best way to reduce the pain on your palms as you use them.
  • You won’t hit all your muscles.  Despite what’s advertised, you’ll need to do other workouts to hit your lower body, core, biceps, and back.  The board won’t cover EVERYTHING.
  • Not as useful for the more experienced.  If you are new to workouts and pushups, then this board is a great place to get started.  But if you are familiar with pushups and do them a lot anyway, then you probably don’t need this board because you can figure out all the variations with just your hands.
  • Price varies depending on store.  Just be cautious when buying this.  If it is over $100 then you should check elsewhere.
  • Inspired poor knockoffs.  Another thing to beware of is that there have been many knockoffs born after the Power Press Push Up.  Just make sure the one you buy matches the picture above.


Power Press Push Up Review: Overall

I hope this Power Press Push Up review has helped you determine whether or not it is the right piece of equipment for you.  It is a decent price, and it is great because it is lightweight and takes up little space.  I especially recommend the Power Press Push Up for beginners to get familiar with all the amazing variations of the pushup that can target different parts of your upper body.  And whether you follow the 10-week program or not, always remember to stretch!


My score:  4 out of 5

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Do you have the Power Press Push Up?  What do you think of it, and how long have you had it?  Let us know in the comments below!  And be sure to check out my other equipment reviews while you are here.



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