Resistance Band Back Workout – 8 Moves

resistance band back workout
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While I’m on my resistance band kick, I figure why not add an intense resistance band back workout to my website?  Out of all the resistance band workouts I’ve made, the back workout may be my favorite.  Is that because I can combine it with a pull up bar for one of the moves?  Maybe.  Or maybe it’s just because I felt great after completing a resistance band back workout that I created myself.  It felt like my back muscles grew from this single workout alone!  It is a very satisfying and rewarding feeling.


Once again, make the most out of your resistance band back workout by performing slow and controlled reps.


Resistance Band Back Workout:  WARMUP

They never get old!  Start this workout with two of my resistance band mainstays.


Resistance Band Front Stretches

resistance band workout for chest

Stretch the band in front of you, focusing on your back muscles but not overworking them.  Stretch enough to give the band some tension.

10 Reps


Shoulder Dislocates

Resistance band workout for chest

Hold the band taut in front of you and lift over your head, back behind your body as far as you can go.  The more often you do this move, the more you will be able to reach back.

10 Reps


Resistance Band Back Workout:  Set 1

Repeat this first set, which has you on the floor or ground, twice.


Seated Rows

resistance band arm exercises

Sit down with your legs extended in front of you.  You can either place the center of the band around the soles of your feet, or anchor the center of the band.  Hold the grips in each hand and “row” your arms back until your elbows are completely bent.  This exercise is also in my resistance band arm workout, but today you want your mind to tell your muscles to contract your BACK and not your biceps.

10-15 reps or until failure


Resistance Band “Superman”

resistance band back workout

Flip onto your stomach, and keep the band anchored in the same way you chose above, and lie on top of it.  Stretch out your arms ahead of you like a flying superhero, and lift your arms up as high as you possibly can – which probably won’t be much – but no worries, because you should feel this move hit your upper back pretty hard.

8-12 reps or until failure


Resistance Band Back Workout:  Set 2

If you have a sturdy pull up bar, then you won’t need to move your resistance band between the two moves here. If you don’t, then you’ll want to anchor the band to a stable higher point.  Repeat this part twice.


Pull Ups with Resistance Bands

resistance band back workout

Using pull ups with resistance bands is easier than normal pull ups, but it can also help you progress to moves like the muscle up much faster.  Loop the band over the bar and around your foot and perform the pull ups.  Depending on elasticity, you may need to bend a leg.  They will be easier since the band is assisting you.

8-12 reps or until failure


Lat Pulldowns

resistance band back workout

With the band anchored above you, stand back far enough to add a little tension when holding the band in front of you.  Slowly pull your hands towards your chest.  You will feel your back muscles working a lot during this – it is similar to the pull up but has more of a horizontal motion.

10-20 reps or until failure


Resistance Band Back Workout:  Set 3

These two moves, which should be repeated twice, require the band’s center to be anchored at chest-level or above.


Resistance Band Flies

resistance band back workout

Grip the handles and back up so there is a little tension on the bands with your arms outstretched.  Your hands should be at about chin level and your elbows (slightly bent) at shoulder level.  If you feel comfortable, you can actually lean back slightly (not required).  Once in position, bring your elbows outward as if your arms are wings, keeping them at shoulder level, engaging your back muscles and pulling your shoulder blades in towards each other.  If you opted to do this leaning back, you will pull yourself forward as you pull on the band.

8-12 reps or until failure


Standing Resistance Band Rows

resistance band back workout

This move is a hybrid of the flies you just did and the sitting rows from the first set.  Use a similar starting positioning (including leaning back, if you want) as the flies, but your elbows will be pointing down instead of out.  Use the same motion as the seated rows for your reps.

10-15 reps or until failure


Resistance Band Back Workout:  Final Set

This final set requires you to stand on your band.  Repeat it twice.


Resistance Band Good Morning Deadlifts

Lower Body Resistance Band Exercises

This move is also used in my lower body resistance band workout.  This time, instead of using your mind to focus on your hamstring muscles, you want it to tell you to lift with your lower back.  Stand on the band with feet shoulder-width apart and wrap the center of the band behind your neck.  Slowly lean forward, say namaste to whatever is in front of you, and then slowly lift your upper body back up to a standing position, engaging your lower back.

10 reps or until failure


Resistance Band Reverse Flies

resistance band back workout

Another fly move that targets more specific back muscles.  This is probably one of the more difficult and uncomfortable moves, but let’s go out with a bang, okay?  Stand on the center of the band in with feet shoulder width apart.  Grip the handles at your sides, lean forward while keeping good back posture – do not hunch over.  Perform the flies in a similar way as you did for the anchored fly move from the last set – bring your elbows back and bring your shoulder blades inward.  Stretch your hands out as far as you can go before pausing and then bringing everything back down.

8-12 reps or until failure


Resistance Band Back Workout: Conclusion

I hope my resistance band back workout was effective for you.  It is one of my favorites, and I really feel the burn when I do it.  And as always, remember to stretch!


What are some of your favorite moves to do in a resistance band back workout?  Did I miss any?  Let me know in the comments below!



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