Daily Push Up Routine – Add It to Your Day

daily push up routine
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Daily Push Up Routine daily push up routine

What sorts of daily routines do you have?  You bathe every day, brush your teeth (twice, I hope!), make your morning coffee or tea, etc.  Daily routines create structure around our lives, and we expect ourselves to complete them every single day.  So why not add one more in there – a daily push up routine!  Once you start thinking about your daily push up routine like your other daily rituals, your health and wellness will improve greatly.


Even if you don’t exercise regularly, or at all, adding a daily push up routine is a wonderful way to give you some inspiration to seek out new ways to get your body in shape.  As for me, a dude who LOVES calisthenic exercise, a daily push up routine is a given.  But for anyone who doesn’t have this as a part of their daily life, where and how should you start?


Your Daily Push Up Routine – Start Small

If you are new to exercising and/or are hesitant about actually making yourself a daily push up routine, then you should start small.  When I first started exercising, my daily push up routine was simply to do as many push ups in a row as I could right before I took my shower.  Whether that’s three, five, or thirty push ups, it doesn’t matter.  Just as long as you do them.

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Go Bigger As You Get Used to Your Routine

After a few months or so, your daily push up routine will eventually be cemented in your schedule.  You will continue to grow stronger, and thus you should start adding more reps to your routine.  But, you don’t have to do it all in one go – spread them out throughout your day.  Working at a desk all day?  Take a break every hour or so to pump out some push ups.  Did you just beat a really hard boss in the game you’re playing?  Reward yourself with some push ups!  Yet ANOTHER commercial break?  Guess I’ll do some push ups… See where I’m going with this?  If the opportunity presents itself, do some push ups.


Set a Daily Push Up Routine Goal

You may have heard of these before, and they are popular for a reason.  Doing 100 push ups a day, for example, can add so many benefits to your life.  At this point, I just keep a mental tally of how many I’ve done so far today.  For beginners, however, you may want to keep a small notebook nearby to keep track of how many you’ve done for the dayIt doesn’t have to be 100.  Again, it’s important to start small and build up as you get better at this exercise.  Start with 20 per day, then slowly add five more every week or two.  Keep track of the dates to stay on track.  Before long, you’ll hit that 100 mark, and ending your day without your 100 push ups won’t feel right.


Use an Alarm to Remind You

Don’t count on just your brain to remind you to do your daily push ups.  Set your smart phone’s alarm to certain times of the day to prompt you to hit the next round.  It can be specific times, or in regular intervals (ie every two hours).  Again, once you have been doing your daily push up routine for a long enough time, you eventually may not even need these reminders.  Still, it is important to have them at first to get you mentally and physically used to this new part of your daily routine.


Do Your Daily Push Up Routine With Another Persondaily push up routine

One of the best ways to feel motivated to make this big change to your daily life is to do it with someone else.  In my opinion, it is best to do it with someone you live with, but obviously this won’t be possible for everyone.  Have kids?  Partner up with them!  They may be better at sticking to it than you, the parent!  And that will be the motivation you may need.  If you can’t do it with someone you live with, then obviously the best person to pair up with would be someone you communicate with on a daily basis.  You can also do it with a coworker, which will help you both not just with your health and fitness, but also with productivity while on the job.  Regardless of who you partner with, there is no doubt that it helps the routine stick immensely when you hold each other accountable.  Also, consider making it a friendly competition with a daily push up routine challenge.


Keep Things Interesting With Variations

You may get bored by doing the same type of push up every single day – but don’t let that stop you from keeping up with the routine.  Try doing diamond, wide grip, clap, or decline push ups, which are much harder than regular push ups.  Use push up handles to target different muscles.  Set goals for yourself to achieve harder push up variations over time.  On my end, I’m working on the one-arm push up, and am making steady progress.  When I am finally able to achieve that goal, it will be a great day for me.


Benefits of a Daily Push Up Routine

  • Increase strength.  The more push ups you do, the stronger your upper body will become.  Push ups are the most popular upper body calisthenic exercise for a reason.
  • Improve heart health.  Get your blood flowing with an increased heart rate.  This kind of activity is very good for your cardiovascular health.
  • Muscle toning.  If you want to have bigger and/or more toned muscles, then doing push ups is a great way to get them!
  • Joint and tendon strength.  As we age, our joints and tendons weaken.  Doing push ups every day will prevent this from happening and keep us moving for much longer.



Having a daily push up routine goes beyond just your physical health.  It changes the way we think about fitness and health in our daily lives, and motivates us to do better every single day.  Adding this to your life will build confidence, make you more productive, and help you set and reach goals that you never would have had otherwise.  And as always, remember to stretch!

Do you have your own daily push up routine?  How has it changed over time?  Let me know in the comments below!

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