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fat gripz
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People may think they look pretty cool when they lift heavy things, but how often do you think they realize how much the bar they are holding affects their progress?  Probably not much.  Have you ever thought about how different that bicep curl would feel if the dumbbell’s handle were two or three times its width?  What muscles do you think would be activated that weren’t before?  Enter the Fat Gripz!  The name is pretty silly, but you will be shocked at how much more intense your workouts can be with this modest looking addition.  Fat Gripz, in essence, increase the width of the handle of whatever you’re working out with.  For you, my dear calisthenics-loving reader, it should be a quick “no duh” for what types of equipment you can put Fat Gripz on.  I can’t stress how different your pull-ups and chin-ups feel after even a single rep!fat gripz


I suggest considering the addition of Fat Gripz to your upper-body calisthenics routines.  They are compact, fairly inexpensive, and will add an entirely new dimension to the bodyweight movements you love.  Keep reading my Fat Gripz review to learn more about them!


Fat Gripz: Specs and Facts

Equipment Type: Handle Adapters

Includes:  Two Fat Gripz Sold as a Pair

Weight:  1lb.

Dimensions: 5″x2.25″

Fits Around:  Most bars, handles, rings, and resistance bands.

Set-Up:  Wrap around the bar, handles, band, or ring

Price:  $29.95 USD

Warranty:  10 years if bought from official store

Return Policy:  60 days if bought from official store

<<Purchase Fat Gripz from the Official Site Here>>

<<Purchase Fat Gripz from Rogue Fitness Here>>


Fat Gripz:  Special Features

fat gripz

  • Fits Most Handles and Bars: You can easily pry them open and fit them snugly over your pull-up bar.
  • Small & Lightweight: They fit into any travel bag or suitcase without taking up too much room or adding much weight.
  • Uber-Dense Rubber: Engineered to keep your grip comfortable and reduce slipping due to sweat, you will get a much more challenging workout than usual.



  • Great for Travel.  These are super light, and super small.  Throw them in your bag and forget about them until it’s time to use them!
  • Easy to Use.  Simply open them up and wrap them around your bar.  It takes one second.
  • High Quality.  Are there knock-offs out there?  Probably.  Official Fat Gripz are made of insanely dense material, in fact I believe they are military-grade.  You can use these to your heart’s content without worrying about them tearing.
  • Can Be Used With All Types of Bars.  They are flexible enough to wrap around ALL of my bars and handles at home (and at the gym, so bring them with you).  Push-up bars, parallettes, pull-up bars, and any handles you use with weight training.  They are designed for it all.  The only piece of equipment I own that they DON’T fit around is my BaseBar, which has a bar that is already super-thick to begin with.
  • I Use Them With My Gymnastic Rings, Too.  They are flexible enough for that.  The struggle is real!
  • Oh, and Resistance Bands.  You can get pretty creative with them!fat gripz
  • Improve Grip Strength.  There are many layers to the benefits of Fat Gripz, and one of the most prominent is how much they improve your grip strength.  Having thicker handles forces your grip to adapt in ways it’s not used to, and new muscles are activated.  Simply hanging from a bar with your Fat Gripz will do wonders to your grip strength!
  • Improve Forearm Strength.  You immediately feel the forearm muscles activate when you grab on to the Fat Gripz.  You don’t even have to do a rep – you feel your forearms working right away.  After a Fat Gripz workout, my forearms feel as hard as a rock!
  • Your Entire Upper Body Will Benefit.  Beyond just your hands, wrists and forearms, your arms will become much stronger.  To a lesser extent (and depending on what workouts you do), your back, chest and shoulder muscles will strengthen as well.
  • Helpful for Aesthetics.  Because you’re hitting different muscles than you would with a thinner grip, muscle growth is going to come on much harder and faster.  If that’s your thing, then you’d like Fat Gripz.
  • Generous Warranty and Return Policy.  My pair is pretty new, but the official site has a 10-year warranty.  Will they last past the 10 years?  It’s really hard for me to say at this point.  Nonetheless, I don’t have to worry, so long as Fat Gripz stays in business.
  • Injury Prevention, Joint Strength.  I would be remiss to avoid talking about how much these can benefit people who work out but who also sit at a desk for work.  Different concerns like arthritis are addressed to a higher degree if you include Fat Gripz with your workouts.
  • Different Width Options Available.  I went for the standard size, but there three different sizes.  They have a progression “bundle” available if you want all three.
  • Worth the Price.  $30 is pretty cheap compared to some of the other stuff I review.  Fat Gripz add so much to my workouts that it has been beyond worth it – even if they don’t last the 10 years, I’ve gotten my money’s worth.



  • Don’t Overdo It.  Obviously you shouldn’t work out the same muscle groups too frequently, and doing so with Fat Gripz will only make your recovery time last longer because so much more is activated.
  • Takes Time to Fully Adapt.  You can’t expect to have the same successes with your workouts as you would without the Fat Gripz.  Just keep in mind that it will take at least a few weeks to really get used to this new addition to your bars and handles.
  • Easy to Lose.  Keep track of these little guys.  I’ve already misplaced mine several times.


Fat Gripz Review – OVERALL

My Fat Gripz have become a welcome addition to my calisthenics workouts.  As of now, I generally use them for the first and sometimes second set because after that it’s just too hard.  But, I can feel my grip strength and forearms getting stronger the more I use them.  At such a low price, I am very happy with my purchase, and expect to use my Fat Gripz for many years to come. I certainly recommend purchasing Fat Gripz, and am happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments section!fat gripz

My Score:  5 out of 5


<<Purchase Fat Gripz from the Official Site Here>>

<<Purchase Fat Gripz from Rogue Fitness Here>>


Do you have your own pair of Fat Gripz?  How have they changed your workouts?  Let me know in the comments below!



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