Basebar Pro – REVIEW

basebar pro
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rapid primal fitness review

Basebar Pro – REVIEW

I stumbled upon the Basebar Pro while scrolling mindlessly through my Instagram feed.  They have ads up the wazoo, but thankfully they are straightforward and less annoying than most other fitness equipment ads I see on there.  The Basebar Pro is one product of many in the Baseblocks family, so in addition to this Basebar Pro review, you can expect me to give you in-depth information on more of their products in the future.basebar pro

The Basebar Pro is hard for me to categorize, as it is basically a low pull up bar, or a single dip bar.  So with that said, I will consider it both for the sake of fitting it into my review categories.


Basebar Pro: Specs

Equipment Type: Low pull up bar / single dip bar

Includes: Basebar Pro (bar, pins, base, and lower legs)

Base length:  32″ extended (9″ folded)

Bar length: 33″

Heights: 35″ and 51″

Bar Diameter: 2″

Weight: 27lbs.

User weight limit:  260lbs.

Lifetime Warranty

Made in China

Cost:  $189

Shipping:  Free to lower 48 states and Canada

Purchase the Basebar Pro Here


At first, I thought this item had limited usefulness.  They slapped the face and name of Georges St.-Pierre on them as well, which apparently carries a lot of sway (I have no idea who he is).

BUT, after giving it a fair shot, the Basebar Pro is actually the real deal.  I definitely recommend this item!  It is an upgrade over their regular Basebar, and is obviously more expensive.  But, you might as well pay the extra $40 since you can move this one out of the way easily, and the original takes up more space.


  • Yes, it is VERY sturdy.  The long, heavy base legs are going to keep the Basebar Pro anchored to the floor.  Swinging and explosive moves should not make it rock or wobble at all.  This thing is not going to move!
  • Adjustable heights open up different exercises.  The two heights are 33 inches and 50 inches.  Each height will provide you with different options for your calisthenic exercise training.  For example, you can do L-hang pull ups with the higher height, and beginner-level progressions with the lower height.
  • More potential than you’d expect.  The Basebar Pro may not be as high up as a regular pull up bar, but it has just as much potential for your workouts – and in some ways, more potential.  Not only do the two heights I mention above allow you to perform all sorts of great upper body exercises and progressions, but the Basebar Pro can also securely hold any additional suspension-type equipment.  This includes gymnastic rings and resistance bands, among others.
  • Perfect for those with low ceilings.  I wanted to mention this because a lot of the products I review have this in common:  they are NOT great for homes with low ceilings.  With the Basebar Pro, 50 inches is as high as you will get it.  You can train for muscle ups without worrying about busting your head against the ceiling and making a hole.  I can’t emphasize this enough: if you have low ceilings, training outside isn’t an option, and you want to train your pull ups in as many ways as you can, then the Basebar Pro is among your best options!
  • Base legs are adjustable and make storage easy.  The regular Basebar doesn’t have the option to flip the legs upward, so it is a lot harder to store it when not in use.  The Basebar Pro’s legs can be flipped up in seconds, and all you’d have to do is slide it against the wall or behind the couch.  It is great for limited space.
  • Progression training!  I mentioned it already, but I can’t tell you how great this item is for progression training with the tougher calisthenic moves.  Levers, planches, muscle ups, toe-to-bar leg lifts, skin-the-cats… All those weirdly named calisthenic moves can be trained with the Basebar Pro.basebar pro
  • Stretching and yoga.  The Basebar Pro is also great for stretching your muscles in more unique ways.  Although typical home items can be used as well, it is nice to focus all your fitness training on fitness equipment.
  • Metal bar allows for a comfortable grip.  The bar feels a little fat at first, but the metal material is just rough enough to ensure a firm grip without hurting your palms.  While some people may prefer to add chalk, gloves, or a towel, for the most part you shouldn’t need them to have a safe grip.
  • Lifetime warranty.  The confidence they have in this item must be through the roof.  It’s like LL Bean but for fitness equipment.  Any defects at any time for all eternity means they will fix the problem for you.


rapid primal fitness review



  • Made in China.  This has nothing to do with the great quality of the Basebar Pro, but if you know me then you know that I am not a fan of outsourcing manufacturing to China.  What are the conditions of the factory this item is made in?  I hope they treat them well.  I always prefer USA made stuff.
  • Shipping can be hit or miss.  There are some reviewers who have said that their shipping times were very quick, and others who have said it took forever for the item to arrive.  In addition, there are people in some places that are SOL if they want this item shipped to them with the free shipping bonus.


Basebar Pro Review – Overall:

It may look simple and modest, but it will unlock so many options for all calisthenic levels.  Progression training for the tougher moves, everyday training with pull ups and rows and other upper body exercises, and so much more.  But perhaps my favorite thing about the Basebar Pro is that it is so compact and low yet still has SO much potential for everybody.  I strongly recommend this product!

My Score:  5 out of 5

<<Purchase the Basebar Pro Here>>


Do you have a Basebar Pro, or any other of Baseblocks’ products?  Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!


rapid primal fitness review



6 thoughts on “Basebar Pro – REVIEW

  1. Hi, the Basebar Pro seems a qualitative product to work out and do exercise at home. I like that it can use in any area of my house, perfect and easy to store and adjust according to my height and the exercises. And, even it is a China-made product, the lifetime warranty makes it a good investment since the company will fix any possible defect for me. 

    Thank you for sharing


    1. Thanks for reading, Alketa. Yep, one of the best things about the Basebar Pro is that you can store it easily, since it is lightweight and doesn’t take up much space.

  2. Wow, what a cool idea that caters to everyone with low ceilings (I’d imagine that is a lot of people). The list of features and benefits in the “pro” column is impressive. The couple of items in the “cons” column are good to keep in mind to help manage expectations I suppose. For such a simple idea, it looks to be sturdy, high-quality, and something that would feel like fun to work out on – I think the kids will try to take over it! 

    1. Aly-

      Yes, it crazy how these fitness people assume everybody has high ceilings!  (Or perfectly placed doorframes in the case of doorway pull up bars… ) It really is a great product for that reason, and the results will happen.  And that’s so true about kids – I have seen people’s kids having a great time on the Basebar Pro.  

  3. Three major reasons I cannot buy. Overpriced. Made in China. 260 pound weigh limit. This should be an $89 piece of equipment. It should hold at least 400 pounds considering it’s being used in stressful exercises.

    1. Completely legitimate, Larry! I bought the add-on to make a set of dip bars. A review will come eventually – it is astonishing how the stability worsens when you add another bar and start doing dips. I prefer the single Basebar, and will eventually invest in a true parallel bar set.

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