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spectacular fitness
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Spectacular Fitness is a smaller and somewhat newer company.  As of now, they sell two products: a weighted jump rope, and the Spectacular Push-Up Board.  There are many similar boards out there, but the Spectacular Push-Up Board deserves a look.spectacular fitness

A few months ago I reviewed the Power Press Push Up, which is similar and was quite possibly the inspiration behind the Spectacular Fitness Push-Up Board.  That said, I believe that Spectacular Fitness has the slight edge here due to the overall design of their board and its quality.


Spectacular Fitness Push-Up Board – Specs:

  • Non-Angled, Non-Slip Grips.  Grips are large enough for all hand sizes.
  • Color-Coded.  Offers variations for different push up exercises, and lets you know which muscle groups are worked.
  • Slotted Handle-to-Plug System.  The grips lock in place for the many different positions.
  • Hard Plastic Design. Heavy-duty plastic material to support the weight of your body.
  • Portable. Lightweight, thin and small in size so you can take it on trips if you want.
  • Non-Slip Base.  To help prevent sliding while in use.
  • Refund Policy:  30 days for a full refund, unopened.
  • Price: $98.95

<<Purchase the Spectacular Fitness Push-Up Board Here>>



  • Reasonably priced.  If you are on a budget, the Spectacular Fitness Push-Up Board is very much worth it at just under $100.
  • Durable board.  It is very thin, but you would have to really work to actually break the board.
  • Lightweight and compact.  The board and the handles take up very little space, which is great for at home, the office, or while you’re traveling.
  • Tons of variations beyond regular push ups.  With 12 slots for the grips, different muscles of your upper body will be targeted – even some back and bicep work!  Obviously, the chest and triceps will get the most love.
  • Color-codes are helpful.  There is very little guesswork since you just match the colors on the board to target the muscle group you want to hit.
  • Handles feel great.  The non-slip, rubbery handles are not too hard and feel comfortable in your grip.  If you use the Spectacular Fitness Push-Up Board for an entire workout, you will feel minimal ache in your palms.  This is much more important than you may think!
  • No sliding or slipping.  The rubber padding on both the board and the grips means you can use this board even on hard floors.  In my opinion, it is best to use it on a mat or on carpet, though.
  • Slots are strong and tight.  There is a tiny bit of give when they are slotted, but you probably notice this only when you are actually removing the handles from the slots.  Otherwise, they are stuck until you want to take them out.
  • Great for beginners.  The positioning in the slots and the color-coding are great for people who aren’t familiar with pushup variations and how to target certain muscles.
  • Positioning encourages good form.  The way the slots are arranged on the board, plus the fact that you must grip the handles, requires proper positioning for your pushups.
  • Often goes on sale.  When I wrote this, the board was on sale for 54% off!  That’s not even $50 for a quality piece of calisthenic equipment. Check their website often for great deals like that.spectacular fitness



  • Plastic is plastic.  Yes, the Spectacular Fitness Push-Up Board is strong and durable.  But just one wrong move with plastic means a crack that can’t be fixed.  Metal, steel or wood would have been awesome.  At the same time, the plastic makes it lightweight for travel. So it goes both ways.
  • Grips can only be used on the board.  You can’t use the grips on the floor without the board, unfortunately.  They are designed to be slotted into the board.  This means that you cannot perform your own pushup positioning, and must only use the board’s.
  • Poor customer service.  I had emailed questions to the Spectacular Fitness customer service line, but never received any responses.  Not a good look.
  • You won’t hit all your muscles.  Despite what’s advertised, the back and biceps NEED to have their own dedicated exercises, as push ups won’t cut it.  Shoulders will need specific attention with this board, as well.  And obviously, you’ll need to do other workouts to hit your lower body.
  • Not as useful for the more experienced.  If you are new to workouts and pushups, then this board is a great place to get started.  But if you are familiar with pushups and do them a lot anyway, then you probably don’t need this board because you can figure out all the variations with just your hands.
  • Refund policy.  There is a strange caveat with the refund policy. You have to send the item back unused. Spectacular Fitness will inspect it once it is received and determine if you can get a refund… So you may be sending the board back but won’t get the refund you expect. It is completely up to them – you may lose $100 AND lose the board!


Spectacular Fitness – Push-Up Board Review: Overall

I hope my Spectacular Fitness Push-Up Board review has helped you determine whether or not it is the right piece of equipment for you.  It is a great price, but it is even greater when it goes on sale!  Its lightweight, minimalist design takes up little space, which is very convenient.  I especially recommend this board for beginners to get familiar with all the amazing variations of the pushup that can target different parts of your upper body.  Thanks for reading, and as always – remember to stretch!


My score:  4 out of 5

<<Purchase the Spectacular Fitness Push-Up Board Here>>


Do you have a Spectacular Fitness Push-Up Board?  How has it worked out for you?  Let us know in the comments below!



6 thoughts on “Spectacular Fitness – Push-Up Board REVIEW

    1. Tasha,
      You are not the first, and will not be the last. If I was only basing my score on the customer service, it would likely be a zero. Have you tried messaging them through their Instagram page? You may get a better response then, though I can’t guarantee it…

      I hope you get your money back, or get the products you paid for. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with their service. Thanks for reading.

    1. Hi David,
      I don’t have a 9-in-1 Push Up Board, so I can’t say for certain. They look quite similar. The Spectacular Fitness board is solid though. However, it does look like the 9-in-1 is less expensive. Either way you will get some great pushing workouts.

      Thanks for reading!

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